Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Pretty School make up routine

Hello Adolescent beauties! 

I know, you may be confused on daily make up routine ☺. What and how to apply? Is it okay to use this product? Is too much make up necessary?  

Well, you have landed correctly. Put a full stop for those questions. Now coming to the point! directly. Having some make up imparts young fresh glow to your skin, evening out your young skin, helping you from sun [ I am taking this point as most make up products are stuffed with good SPF amounts! So, there is no need to apply sticky sunscreen creams ☺.]

Well, coming to the products and their usage.

☺ For Lips ☺

♥ Tinted Lip Balm:


Lip balm is suitable in many ways for school make up. Lip balms will moisturize and heal your cracked or sour or hard or rough or dark lips! It do more than what a costliest lipstick does. With regular use of lip balm, you will get lips that are rejuvenated with nourishment with wonderfully supple and smooth lips. Some lip balms like Maybelline baby lips contains SPF 20.!! enough to prevent you from the harsh sun ☼. Lip balms contains lovely flavour and i really like it.To fulfill the tinting need of your lips, lip balms are made to give a shade to your lips.

If your school catches you for applying tint to lips, then you can go for non- tinted lip balm which do everything what a lip balm does without tint ☺. Maybelline Mango pie flavor contains no shade in it.So, what a wait. Grab a lip balm now! 

Directions for Use

  • Apply the lip balm evenly on the lips.
  • Repeat application whenever required

☺ For Face ☺

♥ Liquid Foundation:


Liquid Foundation plays a vital role in evening out your young lovely skin. It acts as a base for your skin to absorb or attach the compact powder firmly on your skin. Choosing foundation shades that are in correct or slightly accurate for your skin is best because it looks rather dark in bottle but when you apply it, it's shade is slightly lowered. This makes your skin look in that shade. So, choose foundation that are quiet accurate match to your skin. Also, some foundation [even mostly all] contains SPF to protect you from the harsh skin ☼.
Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation contains SPF 8!. So, pick a bottle for your skin ☺

♥ Concealer:


Concealer helps to add a shade for your pigmented or dark areas. It is widely used to hide the ugly dark circles and blemishes. It also works effectively to conceal the natural tone of your skin and hence, it is widely used by many gorgeous adolescents who prefer flawless even skin tone. It also used as a base for eyeshadow. It helps to keep the powder firmly. So, i will recommend you to find a exact concealer for your skin and use it for day to day make up.

♥ Compact:


A compact powder works really really fine when used with Liquid foundation as it gives a firm grip between compact and skin. Compact are glow powder which adds quick radiance to the young skin. Choosing right compact shade for your skin is absolutely necessary. Most compact powders contains SPF factors with advanced PAs. Maybelline Clear glow all in one fairness compact has SPF 26 with PA ++. Lakme Perfect radiance Intense whitenning compact stuffed with SPF 23. There is absolutely no questions to grab one.

☺ For Nails ☺

♥ Nail polish or gloss:

Nail polish and gloss is non-explainable. You particularly everything about popping out with lovely nail colour!. If your school doesn't allow you with coloured polish. Go for some good Nail glosses. I really love Nail glosses and i use it as a gloss after Nail polish, however you can also use it nude.

That's it with this budget friendly simple routine, I assure you that you look like a real DIVA.

☺ General Tips ☺

♥ Always wash your face before applying Make up for your face and lips.
♥ Always take make up shades exactly at your color, Don't think if you use white shades, you will become white. It is absolutely incorrect and it gives a whitish ghostly cast. Take shades at your skin tone and it will add glow by lightening atleast upto 2 shades down your tone. [It looks dark in the bottle but when applied it is light to 2 shades down your tone].
♥ Have a clean face routine
♥ One of the happiest thing is:there is no need to apply creamy sunscreen lotions that gives sweat on your nose and chin when you go out in the Sun.Because all make up products contains High SPF factors.

About the author:

Ranjini.K. I am from India and in Middle school. 
I thought of creating a post helpful for school  mates. Happy about getting Rs.5

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