Wednesday, June 05, 2013

How to get shiny sexy Nails without polish

Are you one of the person who have dry and chapped up nails. No probs! Follow these simple tips and tricks and start admiring your nail shining like a diva without Nail Polish.
One of my friends had dry Nails which seemed so unattractive. Recently, Celebrity stars are preferring No-Color look for their Nails. 

Lets come to my tips and tricks for the shiny diva Nails ☺

♥ Home remedies♥

♣  Soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes every day to prevent dry look for your Nails.
♣ Gently squeeze a small cucumber slice juice or carrot seed oil in your finger nails and rub them. You can follow this step once a week to plump your dry Nails.
♣ Rub Lemon juice and Aloe vera to prevent your skin around the Nails from Hyper-pigmentation. 
♣ You must practice scrubbing in the finger Nails and skin just once a week to remove dead and dry cells. 
♣ Apply Baby oil in your Nails. Believe me! It worked like a charm on my Nails! Don't over apply it.

♣ Apply Butter or thick Ghee before bed. This will help your Nails get some Shine.
♣ Vitamin E is well known for its miraculous effects on the skin and the nails. It has an incredible effect on the skin against premature ageing.

♥ Products to use ♥

Sally Hansen Vitamin E nail cuticle oil: Buy from Flipkart! 
♣ Cuticle oil is one of the germ products to get shiny nails! I was first referred by my friend. It just create a shiny glossy layer on the Nails. The gloss stay for upto 2 weeks. I was really amazed by this. It also nourishes your Nails as it contains Vitamin E. It acts as a deep hydrating oil for Nails and for the skin around the Nails. 

Shiny Nails
Nails before applying cuticle oil

Nails after applying cuticle oil

Vega Pumice Stone & Nail Brush with Handle: Buy from Flipkart!

♣ Cleaning your Nails is very important to remove dirt, dead cells, etc. It also implement a natural healthier look for your Nails. Using nail brush will help you ultimately in this process.

♥ General care for shiny nails ♥

♣ Don't ever bite your nails. It also carries bad health traits as well as it will make your nails look chapped up.
♣ Trim your Nails regularly or practice a clean routine for your nails because nails with dirt do anything in shininess.
♣ Always wash your hands with Luke warm water.
♣ Don't think you won't get nail shininess because of applying polish. Apply nail gloss upon your nail polish. Recently, some nail polish are also implemented with a super glossy look.

That's it. If you practice this simple nail care routine in your daily life.  "Voila! What a super shiny nails! ☺"

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