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How to Clear Acne Scars in just 2 weeks

Hello Gorgeous Ladies of my cute blog. It is been long days since i have posted in my blog. Because i was too busy with my studies and all that. However i don't think to leave this blog orphaned.

Ance Scars have been a big problem for all of us. I am unlucky to have a ance prone skin.. But do you know? Some people don't have ance scars in their face even if they have tons of pimples coming and vanishing out. Because they are genetically adapted.. So, whatever, we don't need to worry of all the black ugly scars still because i have an awesome product to save all you guys from these tiny heck.


Remove black heads or ance scars with Baking soda!
Remove black heads or ance scars with Baking soda!


Baking soda is an excellent product that helps a lot with sun tan. It also now acts as a wonderful ingredient in removing ance scars or black heads. I have been using it for removing my sun tan off my skin. Untill, when i noticed after a week that my STUBBORN tan as well as my 2 little ance scars [i was only having 2!] vanished along with it. I told to my mom and she started using it for 2 weeks approximately [2 weeks + 2 days]. We too noticed gradually that her 7 tiny ance scars vanished.!!☺
She felt so happy!!

So guys i would recommend baking soda for treating the ance scars from your face. This is a little post but very laconic in the sense i have told you the experience. Oh! I am sorry EXPERIMENTS..☺

How to Apply:

First of all, you must wash your face with warm water because it will enlarge your pores. So that the dead scar cells would come easily.Take some appropriate amount of baking soda in your hands and add some little water to it until it become a paste. Then apply it on your wet face and wash off your with warm water to flexibly flow out the wastes. Then remember to wash with cold water. Follow this until the scar goes away because some people have stubborn scar in their face and some with mild ones.


• Removes Black Heads as well as Ance Scars


• Can be itchy a little.


  1. Hi, you explained the topic very well. The contents has provided meaningful information thanks for sharing info

  2. I have also tried baking soda and it worked amazing for my acne :)

  3. Good and useful stuff has been shared here. Baking Soda acts as an excellent remedy for acne scar removal and it has an excellent result.

  4. hi! i am 15 years old, i get acne scars even when i did not scratch or pop pimple .........plz tell me a solution to reduce acne scars on my face. Please.......

  5. Neem has alkaloids that make it anti-bacterial, anti-contagious and antiviral in nature. Apart from dealing with acne scars winningly neem has many medicinal properties. You can crush the neem leaves and then apply it on the affected area. One can also choose to have bath in water with neem leaves boiled into it.You can also read more home remedies for acne scars.

  6. Hi, i am already having enlarged pores problem so is that alright if i use this method for scars?

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  9. Dermalmd scar serum is amazing on my scars and also does wonders for my acne scars. its keeping my cystic acne away, I don't know how but for anyone with cystic acne, I HIGHLY suggest trying this.

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  11. A number of the most commonly encountered acne antibiotics are the following:
    - Tetracycline
    - Minocycline
    - Erythromycin
    - Doxycycline
    Children under 12 years should not take tetracycline-based antibiotics. Use natural remedies for acne scars.

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