Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to remove sun tan - tips to remove tan

Are you a sufferer of sun tan and want to remove them thoroughly to show your true skin shade. Well, here is a set of tips that can be practiced as a routine for 1 month to vanish them off. Sun tan is caused by harmful UV rays. Our skin tends to generate melanin as a protection screen.

Well, no worries, my lovely ladies....

Remedies to remove sun tan from skin.

Kumkumadi tailam - removes sun tan.1. Kumkumadi Tailam -

Kumkumadi tailam is an ancient ayurvedic remedy. Kumkumadi tailam is enriched with 16 vital herbs that acts as a beauty enhancers. Of these, Saffron content in this remedy works wonder. Kumkumadi tailam adds radiant to skin and gives smooth and fair shade. Kumkumadi tailam can be replaced as a night cream. I am using this remedy for about 6 months and i could see the marvelous effect on me. Kumkumadi tailam works wonder in aiding the tanned skin. The results will be truly magical. I will soon review about kumkumadi tailam separately.

Milk and Sandalwood powder - removes tan
2.Milk and Sandal wood powder treatment.

Milk and Yogurt is a classic treatment and it is been followed by all countries as a beauty enhancer. Enriched with lactic acid, it acts as a wonderful remedy on removing the tan.I prefer using sandalwood powder to control oil on my skin. Sandalwood powder is also an excellent tan remover. I usually wash my face with milk and sandal wood powder in the morning to remove excess oil of kumkumadi tailam which i applied on the previous night before bed. With this combination, you can see an excellent treatment for tan skin.
3. Scrubbing.

Scrubbing is very essential to remove tan and dead cells to reveal a young and even skin tone underneath. I prefer scrubbing every day to get best results. You can opt for any cheap scrub in the market or prepare your own scrub at home.  I usually scrub every evening.

4. Use a loofah when you bath.

Remove tan from your whole body by using loofah. Like Scrubs, loofah does the same job in removing tanned cells. Beware your loofah can contains bacteria, Learn how to clean your loofah.

Lemon and rose water - removes tan
5.Lemon and Rose Water

Lemon is a well known excellent agent in treating hyper pigmentation and in removing tan from the skin. Rose Water does an excellent job in cooling your skin and protecting the sensitivity caused by the lemon. Hence this combination suits for all types of skin. It is one of the best way to clear tan. Squeeze half a lemon and pour some rose water to the lemon solution. Apply on your wet skin and wash after 15 minutes. Follow this everyday for better treatment. I usually prefer to apply before my daily scrub routine.
6. Moisturize and Protect your skin using Sunscreen.

Always moisturize your skin to reveal the fresh and newly generated cells on the skin. Apply sunscreen above SPF 20 for better and complete protection from further tanning.With this, i end my routine.

I guess, you all would be greatly benefited from this post and be sure to follow this every day for removing the tan completely.