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5 Effective Homemade Scrubs - Suitable for all skin types.

Scrubbing is a effective way to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation is nothing but removing dead cells that cling on the top layer of the skin. When scrubs are done effectively, You will feel your skin goes smooth and soft. Yes! You can feel the difference. Before jumping into home made scrubs. Lets understand about exfoliating.

Scrubbing is also a popular way to get fair complexion. New cells are formed on the lower layer [Dermis] and they spread to all the areas and layers of the skin. They become more acidic and old as they spread. After 30 days, Old cells just pile up and makes the skin uneven. Hence, Process called exfoliating is done to remove the dead cells.

There are 2 types of exfoliation. One is Mechanical Exfoliation and the other is Chemical exfoliation.Chemical Exfoliation include scrubbing using chemicals like mailc acid, salicylic acidglycolic acid,Citric acid. Mechanical Exfoliation is done by scrubbing using Salt, Sugar,Almonds etc. It is just by removing dead cells by mildly scratching using effective homemade products.

In this Article, we are going to deal with Mechanical and Chemical Form of scrubbing! - The most effective. I am going to reveal 5 best nourishing and effective homemade scrubs for all skin types.Along with removing dead cells, I am also going to add products for skin nourishment, evening and moisturizing. You can a scrub recipe that is best suited for you.You perform scrubbing once a week. As cells live for 30 days and die at last, there is no need to practice scrubbing every day! Once in a week is a best option.☺

♣ Homemade Scrubs ♣

♥ Sugar with Coffee scrub

Coffee is a excellent product for the rejuvenation of the skin. Even costly products that peak upto Rs.2000 contains this Caffeine [A chemical formula in Coffee]. As how coffee makes your day active, It also just activate your skin young. It is proven to help removing dead cells. It is a combination of mechanical and chemical scrubbing as coffee particles is just like Salt. Caffeine works like a charm in the field of chemical scrubbing.It also smells lovely and doesn't sting on the face. Sugar is a divine product for removing dead and dry skin very effectively. These two components works just fine for Mechanical scrubbing.


Take a cup and put half-teaspoon full of coffee in it.Add a 1 teaspoon of sugar in it. That's it. It is ready. A small quantity is enough,Believe me!

♥ Lemon,Honey and Salt scrub

Lemon is the best way to cleanse and tone your skin evenly. It also works like a charm in removing hyper-pigmentation. It just acts to give a fair complexion to skin. Lemon is very effective in removing dead cells as it is a chemical form of scrubbing. Honey is a excellent moisturizing agent ever known. Salt works as a mechanical scrub. With these combination, this Scrub is just a charm for all skin.


Take a cup and squeeze a lemon in it. Put 1 teaspoon of honey in it. Then add 1.5 teaspoon of salt in it. Voila! It is ready.

♥ Cucumber and Sugar scrub

Cucumber is a excellent formula of moisturizing. It also works wonderfully in adding radiance to the skin naturally. Cucumber is widely used by many gorgeous ladies for face packs. It acts as a super base for scrubs. And it is proven to remove dead cells with a combination of Sugar in it. I might admit that this is my favourite weekend scrub. 


Grind half small cucumber until it forms a crushy mixture. Then add 1.5 teaspoon of sugar in it. That's it! Done!

♥ Coconut crush with Salt

Coconut crush acts a nourishing moisturizer. You can see the effect on your face. I know coconut crush may be a new thing for you, Guys. But believe me, Coconut acts a super nourishment in skin. I really use coconut crush to wash my face. It is a proven way for exfoliating the skin. . It is my favourite scrub of all time. Along with Salt, Coconut do wonders on effectively exfoliating the skin with nourishment. Thia combination suits best for dry skin and normal skin beauties.


Take half-cup of coconut crush water. Put 2 teaspoon of Salt in it. That's it. A super exfoliating scrub is ready.!

♥ Orange peel crush with salt.

Orange Exfoliant

Orange peel is used in many costly scrub because of it's super way to remove dead cells. It also helps to add a golden glow to your skin. And helps to get a young radiance to your divine skin ☺. It contains Citric acid which works as a chemical exfoliant wonderfully. It just gives a divine look to your skin. Together with Salt, it works really wonders.


Grind Orange peel and make it as a crush. Add some water to it. Then add 2 teaspoon of Salt in it. Tada! Effective Exfoliant ready.


♥ Apply scrub gently.
♥ Apply once a week.
♥ Rub for 5 minutes.
♥ Always apply on the face and neck thorougly
♥ Follow the instructions carefully.

Happy beautifying.

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