Sunday, April 20, 2014

Long break due to studies

Hello Gorgeous chic,

[Done with :)]

                                                     You guys all know that I have been not blogging for months because I kinda got bored a bit.(haha). 

I am gonna miss you guys for a year due to studies, 10th board exam - Tamilnadu. But I promise that after my 10th board exam, I will come straight to this blog and enjoy my beauty life with you. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my littlest posts here and Take care a lot. 

Wish me good luck for my studies too. And currently the guest blogging is closed :( for 1 big year. Bye. [Seriously, I feel like crying]. 

Kohila Ganesan.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to remove sun tan - tips to remove tan

Are you a sufferer of sun tan and want to remove them thoroughly to show your true skin shade. Well, here is a set of tips that can be practiced as a routine for 1 month to vanish them off. Sun tan is caused by harmful UV rays. Our skin tends to generate melanin as a protection screen.

Well, no worries, my lovely ladies....

Remedies to remove sun tan from skin.

Kumkumadi tailam - removes sun tan.1. Kumkumadi Tailam -

Kumkumadi tailam is an ancient ayurvedic remedy. Kumkumadi tailam is enriched with 16 vital herbs that acts as a beauty enhancers. Of these, Saffron content in this remedy works wonder. Kumkumadi tailam adds radiant to skin and gives smooth and fair shade. Kumkumadi tailam can be replaced as a night cream. I am using this remedy for about 6 months and i could see the marvelous effect on me. Kumkumadi tailam works wonder in aiding the tanned skin. The results will be truly magical. I will soon review about kumkumadi tailam separately.

Milk and Sandalwood powder - removes tan
2.Milk and Sandal wood powder treatment.

Milk and Yogurt is a classic treatment and it is been followed by all countries as a beauty enhancer. Enriched with lactic acid, it acts as a wonderful remedy on removing the tan.I prefer using sandalwood powder to control oil on my skin. Sandalwood powder is also an excellent tan remover. I usually wash my face with milk and sandal wood powder in the morning to remove excess oil of kumkumadi tailam which i applied on the previous night before bed. With this combination, you can see an excellent treatment for tan skin.
3. Scrubbing.

Scrubbing is very essential to remove tan and dead cells to reveal a young and even skin tone underneath. I prefer scrubbing every day to get best results. You can opt for any cheap scrub in the market or prepare your own scrub at home.  I usually scrub every evening.

4. Use a loofah when you bath.

Remove tan from your whole body by using loofah. Like Scrubs, loofah does the same job in removing tanned cells. Beware your loofah can contains bacteria, Learn how to clean your loofah.

Lemon and rose water - removes tan
5.Lemon and Rose Water

Lemon is a well known excellent agent in treating hyper pigmentation and in removing tan from the skin. Rose Water does an excellent job in cooling your skin and protecting the sensitivity caused by the lemon. Hence this combination suits for all types of skin. It is one of the best way to clear tan. Squeeze half a lemon and pour some rose water to the lemon solution. Apply on your wet skin and wash after 15 minutes. Follow this everyday for better treatment. I usually prefer to apply before my daily scrub routine.
6. Moisturize and Protect your skin using Sunscreen.

Always moisturize your skin to reveal the fresh and newly generated cells on the skin. Apply sunscreen above SPF 20 for better and complete protection from further tanning.With this, i end my routine.

I guess, you all would be greatly benefited from this post and be sure to follow this every day for removing the tan completely.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to Clear Acne Scars in just 2 weeks

Hello Gorgeous Ladies of my cute blog. It is been long days since i have posted in my blog. Because i was too busy with my studies and all that. However i don't think to leave this blog orphaned.

Ance Scars have been a big problem for all of us. I am unlucky to have a ance prone skin.. But do you know? Some people don't have ance scars in their face even if they have tons of pimples coming and vanishing out. Because they are genetically adapted.. So, whatever, we don't need to worry of all the black ugly scars still because i have an awesome product to save all you guys from these tiny heck.


Remove black heads or ance scars with Baking soda!
Remove black heads or ance scars with Baking soda!


Baking soda is an excellent product that helps a lot with sun tan. It also now acts as a wonderful ingredient in removing ance scars or black heads. I have been using it for removing my sun tan off my skin. Untill, when i noticed after a week that my STUBBORN tan as well as my 2 little ance scars [i was only having 2!] vanished along with it. I told to my mom and she started using it for 2 weeks approximately [2 weeks + 2 days]. We too noticed gradually that her 7 tiny ance scars vanished.!!☺
She felt so happy!!

So guys i would recommend baking soda for treating the ance scars from your face. This is a little post but very laconic in the sense i have told you the experience. Oh! I am sorry EXPERIMENTS..☺

How to Apply:

First of all, you must wash your face with warm water because it will enlarge your pores. So that the dead scar cells would come easily.Take some appropriate amount of baking soda in your hands and add some little water to it until it become a paste. Then apply it on your wet face and wash off your with warm water to flexibly flow out the wastes. Then remember to wash with cold water. Follow this until the scar goes away because some people have stubborn scar in their face and some with mild ones.


• Removes Black Heads as well as Ance Scars


• Can be itchy a little.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Nature's Essence Lacto Tan Clear Review

Hello Gorgeous PPL.

Okay, you have landed here to know whether this product really helps your tan to get ridden quickly. I too did that and i've bought this after reading some tempting reviews of this so-called effective Tan clearing cream. There are some good traits and some bad ones. So, lets deepen and broaden them.

Here's my review....

Nature's essence lacto tan clear

Okay! Nice big bottle...


But it is quite unhygienic...


What the product claimsMilk and honey enriched special tan cream helps remove the epidermal tan, thereby restoring the natural fairness of the skin and also preventing pigmentation due to harmful sun. Its matt effect is ideal for hot climates and the cream also helps enhance after facial glow..

Ingredients ; Milk, Honey and Geranium Oil [ I think the full list is not included]

Usage DirectionsApply a layer on the face/skin and keep it on for 10-15 minutes and after soft message remove it with water. Advice to be use every day to restore natural colour and glow of the skin..

Experiment .If you read my whole blog, You would notice that i will be always talk about tan clearing methods and creams because i have severe sun-prone skin that gets tan very easily and take a year to clear them naturally. This annoys me very much and always waste some tons of money on some creams and products. So, in this way i bought this item

This is a thick [ very thick] cream and it is used like a face pack. It smells like Johnson's baby soap and has some little talc smell too. It is very tough to spread them equally on the face and i would recommend blending it quickly before it dries off. 

Well, effectiveness is good in removing new fresh tan but it does nothing in clearing he old nasty tan. The main reason i bought this is to clear the old tan. But for those who need to remove their new day to day tan can use this cream...... And i would recommend not to buy for those who are struggling for removing old tan. It absolutely a waste for me....Also as it is mentioned, the effect will not acquired if it is left for 20 minutes and the effect will remain only for 4 hours, yeah and after that, it comes to the normal colour. 

So summarizing it..


1, Good new tan removal cream


1, Do nothing in old tan removal.
2.The dub is unhygienic,
3. Contains some chemicals, I think so.
4. Too sensitive the smell is

Thank you for reading it.

Monday, July 29, 2013

How to clean the exfoliating loofah

Hello Gorgeous lilies of my garden.

Today, i am going to share a short hygienic post on how to keep the exfoliating loofah clean.

Exfoliating loofah

Why should i clean my loofah?

Loofahs are a exfoliating scrub which helps to clear away dead skin cells and sun-burnt skin gradually. So, some of the dead cells are attached to the loofah causing the attraction of some bacterias. So, It is a must-work to clean the scrub every week regularly and thoroughly.

How should i clean the exfoliating loofah?

♠ Just a a mug of water and add 2 drops of detol to it.
♠ Soak the loofah into it and keep it soaked for 1 hour.
♠ Then wash it with detol soap.

Tada!! Germ-free and clean loofah ready.

Friday, July 19, 2013

How to Lighten and Whiten your skin naturally.

Hello Gorgeous Ladies.....again and again!!

Today i am gonna share a awesome post on LIGHTENING AND WHITENING the skin. Many of us are obsessed in lightening their skin and especially we can see this mostly in Asia!! So, let me share the working tips on lightening the skin.

What causes your skin to become dark or Why you are dark:


Melanin is a substance in your skin which determines the colour of your skin. Shortly, the more melanin you have; the more darker you will be.
Some people like me have highly sensitive melanin which leads to intense tanning in the skin because of UV rays.


Climate plays the most important part on determining the skin colour. Eg; Due to high temperature, Africans are black and due to cool and low temperature, Canadians are white.

UV rays:

Protection.....Protection.....Protection!! under the sun is very important for everyone. The UV rays darkens your skin and create premature ageing. So, always protect your skin using sunblock, scarfs, hats.
Use homemade face pack to remove Sun tan from your skin

So, How to lighten your skin.....

Home remedies

Friday, July 05, 2013

4 Exercises to reduce Double Chin and Chubby Cheeks

Hello all gorgeous ladies.

Today i am going to share best exercises to reduce double chin and also that extra chubby cheeks ☺.  I have been following this regimen for 1 month and i could see great results on my face. My face have become smaller and sexier. My double chin had all vanished and I am very much happy to smile lovely without that extra chubby cheeks. I never ever thought that i would be so beautiful without double chin. ☺☺.

Okay, so i am going to share my exercises to you. Follow this regularly and i can promise you will also get such a result in your face.

Exercises to reduce double chin and chubby cheeks

Double chin exercise: 1

This exercise involves on stretching your neck upwards like you are facing the top roof. Then  pose your lips like you are kissing.  Then make your lips normal. Just alternate the pose of your lips every second.

Regimen: Do this method for 40 seconds.

Kissing exercise to reduce double chin and chubby cheeks

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Homemade face pack to remove tan

Hello Gorgeous Women

I know many suffer a lot because of tanning.

how to remove tan

Even some may have lost your original shade and I am one of the category.I was once something 2 shades lighter that my skin and due to daily rush in the sun, I have tanned a lot. I just realized after flipping some child hood photos.So, I am just in the quest to lighten or thoroughly remove the tan.
I started this 1 week before and i could see some effect on my skin astonishingly. So, here i am going to share this with all you.

There are some several homemade products to remove tan from your skin and i know there is no such time to use these products separately.So, I have included the most effective homemade face pack with accurate proportions, so be sure to take products at the prescribed ratio. This is such a simple pack, you can just make it at this very moment as it is already available at your mom's or your kitchen ☺.

Face pack to remove tan completely.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow - Review.

Hello, Gorgeous Ladies,

Yesterday, I reviewed Himalaya Protective Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 15. If you missed out. Please do check out. Okay, Today I am going to review Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow. I have a deep love in it and i am using it for more than 2 years as it is my only trusted moisturizer ever. Other than moisturizing, It's smell is one, I am addicted to. Okay, here is the photo.

Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow

Sorry for the blurred photo but i guess you can manage!

What the product claims:

Vaseline Cocoa Glow 24hr Nourishing Lotion with cocoa & vitamin E melts into skin to smooth away roughness and the appearance of uneven areas, igniting skin’s natural glow at the source. Rich cocoa glow – helps to even skin texture and conditioning moisturizers leave skin smooth and supple.


Water, Petrolatum, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Isopropyl Palmitate, Dimethicone, Stearamide AMP, Glycol Stearate, Triethanolamine, Glyceryl Stearate, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Perfume, Methylparaben, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Carbomer, Titanium Dioxide, Propylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Dihydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Caramel, Hydroxethyl Urea, Pentasodium Pentetate.

Price = Rs.175 for 300 ml but i got it for Rs.150 ☺☺☺☺

Shelf life: 2 years!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Himalaya Herbals Protective Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 15-Review

Hello Gorgeous Ladies!
Sorry for not posting yesterday anything but i am back with delicious posts. Yes☺!!
So,. Today i am going to review Himalaya Herbals Protective Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 15.
I know you all have heard about it and even some may have tried and felt something [good or bad]. So, here the review. 
Himalaya Herbals Protective Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 15-Review photo
Himalaya Sunscreen bottle

What the product claims:

A double - action formulation that protects and nourishes. Breakthrough herbal extract Cinnabloc gives long-lasting protection from harmful UVA &UVB rays and prevents skin darkening.Aloe Vera moisturizes the skin,while Apple extract prevents skin cell degeneration and premature skin aging.

Ingredients: Alpinia Galanga,Aloe Vera,Hedychium spicatum,Seva.

Price : Rs.200 for 100 ml bottle.

Shelf life: 3 years.

Packaging: The packaging comes in shampoo bottle types. You need to turn the bottle upside down and press gently. Don't over press, then you may be worried that you wasted huge amounts of Sunscreen. The bottle is somewhat travel friendly as it is sleek and thin and small.