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How to Lighten and Whiten your skin naturally.

Hello Gorgeous Ladies.....again and again!!

Today i am gonna share a awesome post on LIGHTENING AND WHITENING the skin. Many of us are obsessed in lightening their skin and especially we can see this mostly in Asia!! So, let me share the working tips on lightening the skin.

What causes your skin to become dark or Why you are dark:


Melanin is a substance in your skin which determines the colour of your skin. Shortly, the more melanin you have; the more darker you will be.
Some people like me have highly sensitive melanin which leads to intense tanning in the skin because of UV rays.


Climate plays the most important part on determining the skin colour. Eg; Due to high temperature, Africans are black and due to cool and low temperature, Canadians are white.

UV rays:

Protection.....Protection.....Protection!! under the sun is very important for everyone. The UV rays darkens your skin and create premature ageing. So, always protect your skin using sunblock, scarfs, hats.
Use homemade face pack to remove Sun tan from your skin

So, How to lighten your skin.....

Home remedies

♣ Lemon

Lemon contains citric acid which helps the skin to lighten fast. It can also be used to treat acne scars. Lemon is a excellent way to remove tan from the skin very effectively. Remember effects will not be seen soon.

♣ Baking soda

Baking soda, a substance often used in whitening the teeth is also does marvellous works in lightening the hyperpigmentation, Sun tan, Acne scars, skin complexion. It works beyond what a lemon does. As it is a natural skin neutraliser, it helps to keep the ph balance of your skin.

♣ Curd

Curd - a lactic source also works in the field of lightening the skin. It also moisturizes your skin very effectively, helps to remove New sun tan to a good extent. It's process in lightening the skin is slower than lemon juice but it is the best of all.

♣ Vitamin E

Vitamin E takes away the free radicals which makes the skin look unhealthy and uneven. Vitamin E helps in cell growth and also does great things on repairing damaged cells. It is my recommendation to use vitamin E in your daily diet more.

General tips:

☺ Protect your skin from Sun
☺ Follow the home remedies.
☺ Moisturize well.
☺ Have a healthy food habit and diet
☺ Exercise well to remove toxins

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